Mowing the lawn can’t be fun? With A Zero Turn Mower It Is!

Ferris Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Mowing the lawn can’t be fun? With A Zero Turn Mower It Is!

Mowing or cutting the lawn is a job many hate to do on the weekend. But what if I told you there is a way to make cutting the lawn like driving a go cart? Or even better, driving a go cart while enjoying your favorite beverage. I don’t endorse drinking and mowing though. As a kid I hated being told to mow the lawn. That old push mower and the tiny clippings bag. What a waste of a Saturday afternoon. We love to see our lawns green and manicured but don’t want it to use up our weekends.

There was progress though. A mower that would propel itself, wow now this is getting easier.

But the best was yet to come. I remember the first time i was given the opportunity to use a riding lawn mower, awesome! It is like playing go carts while doing a chore. Sure it was not an awesome driving machine but it beat the heck out of the old push mower and changing bags every other row.

Now today the huge lawn mower term is Zero Turn Lawn Mowers. what is the big deal and why should I buy one? Here is the basic reason why. Very little weed eating! That’s right a zero turn mower can cut in so close that you don’t have to spend another hour weed eating all the missed corners the mower could not reach. They steer with the rear wheels and can get so close that you will be amazed at how little if any edge they miss.

It all began with a need for commercial lawn mowing companies to have a riding machine that could turn on a dime and reduce the amount of time spent with a hand operated weed eater to clean up the edges. Zero turn lawn mowers can pivot a full 180 degrees and do not scar up the grass in the process or miss a middle patch of grass.

So why would you want to buy a zero turn mower?

Get the lawn mowing done more quickly and with less effort. Yes a zero turn mower will drastically cut down your weedeating time down. Besides that imagine not having to back up and take another shot at the tight corner or go round and round the tree so you can finally get that inside patch of grass. Zero turn mowers make mowing the lawn a lot easier and can cut your mowing time in half. Yes really in half. These mowers are fast! Twice the speed of traditional riding lawn mowers. Most riding lawn mowers go 3 miles per hour. A zero turn mower can go 6 to 8 miles and hour and not miss a patch of grass. Yes it is all about the speed.

And what a blast to drive a zero turn mower.
No traditional steering wheel. Rather two joysticks or levers that control speed, forward and reverse and turning radius. At first it is a ;little different, but soon it is very comfortable and makes complete sense.

  • To Go Forward just push the handles forward.
  •  Pull the handles back to go in reverse.
  •  To make a right turn push the left handle forward.
  •  Left turn push the right handle forward.
  •  To stop just return both handles to the neutral position, no pressure.

The attachments are awesome. You can haul stuff and bag more grass than you ever thought possible. And the attachments are so easy to install and use. Some even offer a tilt bagging system so you can simply dump the grass clippings out at the location you desire. They have mulching kits and Blower kits, de-thatching kits, sprayer kits, aerator kits and even spread your lawn fertilizer with your zero turn riding lawn mower.

Who knew that sitting on a riding lawn mower could be this much fun and still be productive? It will have you asking “is it time to mow the lawn yet”?

Ferris Zero Turn Lawn Mowers are the best
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