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Ferris mowers are a well known maker of ride-on lawn mowers and related parts and accessories, but it might interest you to know that the company started off in quite a different segment completely. In 1909 the company was actually called Uebler Milking Machine Company, which was a partnership between the man who invented the milking machine, William Uebler, and a local businessman called Jesse Ferris. As the name suggests, the company at this point had nothing to do with the manufacture of lawn mowers, instead providing machinery to milk cows to the many .

Ferris did this for around 80 years and earned a great reputation in the dairy industry, but in the mid 1980s the grandson of Jesse Ferris foresaw that local dairy farmers were being pushed out of the industry by larger conglomerates. Dave Ferris stipulated that if he did not do something to change the way the company made money, it would become financially unviable like the dairy farmers they served at the time. That’s where Ferris mowers were born and developed into the advanced Ferris mowers you can see today.

During his travels he saw lawn mowers working in fields and thought to himself that he could improve on the designFerris mowers was born and today there are hundreds of stores all over the United States containing Ferris lawn mowers for sale. One of their most popular concepts is the zero turn lower mower. If you are looking at the many Ferris zero turn mowers for sale but are still wondering if it is right for you then consider the following:

  • Zero turn mowers allow you to cut grass right up to the edge, no need to mow the grass first using your ride-on and then finish the job with a lawn edger.
  • As the name also suggest, zero turn mowers can basically pivot through 180 degrees. This means that when you turn around or change direction you are not leaving a circle of uncut grass in your wake.
  • This ingenious method moving around on the lawn is down to wheel rotation influenced by pressurized fluid. When you steer zero turn Ferris mowers you are effectively controlling how much pressure is applied to the wheels. More pressure will result in sharper turns and less pressure will obviously result in more gentle movements.

As far as Ferris zero turn mowers prices are concerned, you need to prepare yourself for the fact that they aren’t going to be cheap, but this is indicative of most ride on mowers really. eBay have a range of used, new models and cheap lawn mowers, ranging in price from a relatively small $5,000 to around $13,000 for the more deluxe models. A lot of them are auctions too, so you might be able to get a good deal that way. You may also check the different types of lawn mowers or  it would be strongly advisable to visit a Ferris mowers store and at least have a look at one in the flesh before deciding to part with such a large sum of money online.

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